Myths of Freelancing

Recently my wife and I were on a social media platform when we came across a myth. A myth that I personally find to be detrimental, and costly. Cold emailing. Such a practice has been such a waste of time for anyone who is not running the “Nigerian Prince in need of help”, or the “Spanish national Lottery” scam. This is all cold emailing reminds me of, and for good reason. It is exactly the same thing, and most of the time it ends up in the same folder in the senders email, the spam folder.

What Is Cold Emailing?

The best description of cold emailing I can give you is much older. Telemarketers did cold calling back in the 1970’s, and still do it today. Especially right now I am sure have received the phone call about it being time to enroll for national Medicare, even if you are nowhere near the age of 65. Cold calling is the process of calling someone who has not shown any interest, nor have they called a company previously, and attempting to sell them a product or service. The approach on this is that you are showing them what they did not even know they needed by calling them and showing the benefits of your product or service. We also know that most of the phone calls end with the telemarketer being hung up on or cursed at for minutes on end and the telemarketer not being allowed to hang up on the person just being abusive at that point. The reality is almost no one ever bought anything from a telemarketer. Cold emailing is the same thing. You send out emails to unsuspecting people asking them to purchase your product or service without their show of needing your service or product. What are you hoping to prove in an email to a stranger? How are you going to prove that they need this service? How are you even going to know if they read the email in the first place? At least with cold calling you know when someone picks up the phone. Cold emailing you do not even get the knowledge that the other person even read your email.

Why Is Cold Emailing Useless?

How many of you ever bought something from a cold caller? Wow, that many… The simple fact of the matter is I do not need to see any of you to be know the answer. Almost no one has bought something from an over the phone sales pitch. The same goes for cold emailing. No one is going to read an email from a stranger, or best-case scenario they signed up for your mailing list, no matter what you say in it. Getting people to sign up for your mailing list is a good thing but let us also be realistic. How many mailing lists are signed up for? How many of those emails from those webpages you signed up for do you read? The numbers are dwindling I am sure, even if you are like me and open the email, and just glance over it to make sure there is nothing important. That is human nature. If it does not affect the here and now, we do not show it much attention.

The other thing we do with our mailing list, has set them to be sent to the spam folder. Sometimes the title of your email can set the email to be automatically sent to the spam folder. This is yet another problem with cold emailing. You have no idea if your email will even be seen, or if it will just be sent to the spam, or trash folder automatically. This makes cold emailing such a waste of time, and effort on your part. Your time is important. Do not waste it on trivial things that have shown to only improve your business by 0.1-1%. Does that seem anywhere near logical or reasonable?

Find Another Way

I have shown the problems with this myth and have expressed enough distain for it. What else can you do to bring in a little more business, especially if you are just starting out? If you have not done it already sign up for pages like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. On Upwork when you set up your profile you will be given the option of taking certain tests to prove you are competent in your area of expertise. Start your own website on something like wix, squarespace, or godaddy. Then make sure you are following SEO optimization, and if you do not know what that is we will give you a brief run down in another article, to make sure that your page shows up at least in the first 500 results for Google. Keeping up with your webpage, if you already have one is also a way to make sure you do not lose standing. If you have a blog make sure you are filling your blog with things are pertinent to your field, and not just random thoughts. Random thoughts are good and show a human side, but they are not what employers are looking for. They want the professional side of you, not your last Friday nights escapades. These are just a couple of ways to improve your marketability. This is just the first of many freelancing myths that we will be ridding the world of one blog post at a time. Stick around and find out what else supposed “professionals” are telling you to do that are just useless.

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