6 Figure House Spouse Podcast Ep. 1 Now Available

Look, I know that most of you (looking at you, health and fitness coaches) won’t believe this…but the concept of “retiring your spouse” or bringing your spouse home to work with you inside of your business isn’t always as easy and perfect as it seems. In fact, much like working from home, it is downright romanticized…and if you’ve worked from home for longer than 15 minutes, you know that the concept of working from home is also made out to look much easier than it is…because if it were easy, everyone would do it.

In our very first episode of the 6 Figure House Spouse podcast, Danny and Robin talk about Danny’s transition from working in contract labor to working with Robin in her business as a sought after copywriter, legal writer, academic writer, and business writer. You’ll hear the one thing you should NEVER do that will help you keep peace in your home (and ultimately in your marriage), what Danny’s transition to house spouse was like, and where most spouses fuck up this entire concept.
Yes, we ARE on Spotify, but it takes time for Spotify to update. We’re also on Apple…but rinse and repeat the last comment… So for now you can find us directly on Anchor, but you should definitely watch for us on your favorite podcast provider and subscribe there. Don’t forget to comment here and suggest topics. You can also like us on Facebook and Twitter!.

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